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フィリピン模擬国連 優秀賞ゲット



“3年前に何も知らぬフィリピンの地へ移ってきた。 伝わらぬ英語と、使い物にならない見栄にしがみついて生き抜いてきた。 バカにされることなんて何百回もあった。 陰で笑われることなんて何千回もあった。 だけど笑ってやり抜いてきたよ 初めて報われたかな、やっと ‘’





Each one of us has personal struggles, no matter how big or small. In my case, it was public speaking, or rather the difficulty brought about by my language barrier.

For the first time I have joined #modelunitednations, and for the first time, I have spoken in front of 200 people. The fear of making mistakes and fear of being ridiculed terrified me endlessly even when I try to ignore it and shut my eyes to from my insecurities. The achievement of ‘the best delegate’ I received has proven past two years of all my efforts to learn a new language(apparently I was in ESL back then...), though not only that but also I think I was able to embrace my FEAR present and accept myself as who I am🗣

Thank you all for supporting me!! ILY


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